We have an extensive pool of conference interpreters and consecutive interpreters who translate into all languages of the European Union.

    • Conference interpreters
      Conference interpreters generally work in an interpreting booth. They translate spoken text simultaneously for your target audience. We have experience in interpreting assignments for conferences, international works councils and (online) focus groups.

    • Interpreting equipment
      No Problem! can supply interpreting equipment (e.g. interpreting booths or mobile interpretation kits with a microphone and a number of headsets). For this purpose we work with a specialist partner.

    • Consecutive interpreters
      Consecutive interpreters first listen to the speaker while taking notes. Afterwards they summarise what was said in a different language. This form of interpreting does not require any technical equipment.

    •  Focus groups and meetings
      Both forms of interpreting lend themselves perfectly to translating focus groups and small meetings (not in auditoriums or conference halls). Our interpreters can be present on-site, or can interpret via phone/Skype.


When organising focus groups with non-native speakers, it is a good idea to call on a moderator who speaks the language of the participants.

    • Both for online and face-to-face discussion groups.

    • Professional moderators (who moderate independently) or moderators who rely on your own moderator’s instructions (for online moderation only)